Fast Start To Success

Get Set Up To Be Paid!!!

How To Get Paid Straight Away When You Do Not Have The Funnel Ready

This section is here just so you are able to get paid straight away before you have even gone in to set up your system, funnel, and even set up your social media profiles. This is for this main community right here!

Right here shows you how you can share information about this community package and sell RIGHT NOW without any other set up!
You will want a copy of the system in click funnels for sure, this is just something to use until you have that set up!
This is the link to the generic page you will give to people that want more information!

How To Create An Invoice To Be Paid Through Stripe

You can also be paid through bank, Paypal or whichever way you choose. Even cash!
This is our preferred method though, so here is the video showing you how to create an invoice and be paid through stripe.


If you are signing up for a new account, you must say you are selling coaching and consulting services. THE WEBSITE TO USE FOR YOUR BUSINESS IS THIS!!

How To Get A Contract Signed

To Secure your sale when done outside of click funnels a contract and agreement is important.
We have one drawn up for our community mastermind coaching package, which is what this is 😉
Below if the videos showing how to do this, and also the link for you to download a copy of this agreement to be signed.

How To Be Paid In Cash Or Transfer

Use The Group To Sell For You

This is where straight away you can use the general group to do most of the selling for you. You can simply invite people you know would love what we are sharing before you even start building more of your brand online. Watch the video below…

Message Template To Send People

Hey (name)!!

I felt for sure you would love this!

I have invited you in the group Conscious Wealth Creators and ready for the event ~HOW TO EARN AN EXTRA 100k PER YEAR SIMPLIFIED! Where you will see the all new revolutionary structure and system to generate $100K A YEAR on repeat!

No ads required, Not digital or NM!! Truly something not done before!

Grab your spot here and make sure you have answered the question to be in:

Get Them To Answer The Questions

When they answer the questions they will be linked to you and details stored on a file so we know they are linked to you.
We will have further training specifically for using the group and the events also.
Right now this will get you simply started.
The people that answer questions and accept your invite you then tag them in the welcome post to view the 100k Per Year Replay there, or the event you want to guide them to.
Message them to say you have tagged them in that video!
Let them watch it and then message them again a few hours later.
Below is an example message to send!
It’s beyond amazing right! It’s absolutely GENIUS!
I’ve never seen anything like this before, more to that just the all-around support we get!
What did you feel about it?
Let them respond and see if they want more information. If they have questions let them ask, if you don’t know the answer, ask inside the paid community.
When they want more information remember to simply share this general page until you have your very own copy of the complete flow system and editable Money Tree from the person that brought you in here.
We do most of the selling part for you, although reach out a bit to people using what I’ve given above. If you feel triggered or worried about showing up, then of course that is a limiting program or shadow to alchemize.
Do that and then take the actions .
Get to grips with that and then you can log in to the community training portal to access further training on building your brand, audience, and energy mastery right here.