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“Our community of Conscious Wealth Creators is the key to unlocking your online business dreams and daily earning potential, More Money, More Time, More Luxury, Working Less Yet Still Serving In Bigger Ways?”

Bryanna Emma Black

For Coaches, Consultants, Network Marketers OR those looking have a thriving business simplified online, who want to add extra streams of residual-based income without the extra graft and hard work.

Especially to TAKE CONTROL of your own economy. 
Are You Ready To Play?
When you are ready to Earn More, WORK A LOT LESS, Yet Still Serve In Bigger Ways!


My name is Bryanna Black, A sole parent of seven children. I’ve successfully built an online business generating over six figures, and the Conscious Wealth Creator Community, where together we unite and support each other to bring in a new era to the world of profitable online earning.

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The Conscious Wealth Creator Community Mastermind Package

This is an online ELITE MASTERMIND Community that blends Business, Mind, and Energy Mastery TRAINING AND SUPPORT so you can have TRUE TIME & FINANCIAL freedom from an authentic yet simplified online business model and system.

For those who are ready to upgrade their energy and codes to allow even more luxury and wealth to flow freely, for those who are for sure ready to kill off the “Got To Work Hard To Receive” program.

First of all let’s get you in the know of what is even inside this package that you would be sharing.


Quite simply, you take this whole Mastermind Package, The whole Community and share it with others to receive $2000 upfront


Share the package and community with 25 people for $333 per month and BOOM!


It is absolutely brilliant… it should come with a warning that it will dramatically change your life when you follow the guided steps.

I was working as a Cash and Treasury Services Manager for a multinational organization, however, I was tired of playing with other people’s money, working long hours with the hard hustle. I knew there had to be an easier way somewhere, where I could have an easier life and my own multiple sources of income to manage in my own business, without that hard hustle and the long hours.

I now have a successful online business with several sources of passive income built-in and all I had to do is customize and share it! It works beyond my expectations, who knew it could be this easy!

I have been able to quit my job as I now have an amazing online business, I have several sources active income streams and have earned over $13k in sales in 10 weeks!.

Working with Bryanna and this Community is Amazing, like opening my eyes and seeing the light for the first time. Realizing I no longer have a JOB and that blissful feeling of being able to be, do and have what I want is amazing. It is truly amazing knowing I can work from anywhere and anytime that I choose.

Diana Durbin

In our community that has various programs, coaching and mentoring in how to build your online business and earn with more ease than ever before.
  • Nuts and bolts of getting started with your online business using social media if you are new. 
  • How to earn your first 6 figures using just social media alone with no ads.
  • How to build a brand based on YOU with solid foundations to scale up for lasting success.
  • How you can build your audience full of people that want what you have actually got!
  • How to gain 100 warm leads in a day with NO ADS!
  • How to make sales without being salesy!
  • How to be consistent without overwhelm in earning with your business.
  • How to earn even if you have zero products yourself!
  • How to create your very own 6 figure courses and programs
  • How to earn from your own Facebook groups OR use our pre-built one where we do the selling for you!
  • How to build 15 residual-based income streams only ever focused on one, no hustling or hard work, all automated!


  • 3 INTERACTIVE LIVE ZOOM calls weekly for guidance, support, and group mentoring!
  • Round the clock ability to ask for help and have a whole community there to support you when needed.
  • Real-time feedback on anything you are working on within the group.

Mind & Energy Mastery Training

Bryanna came from the depths of nothingness many times. She was on benefits when she started, a life of trauma and very low self-worth.

She had risen up to be able to study with Bob Proctor intensely and even in a more personal setting. She also studied with other great mentors and found something missing, True Energy Mastery.

Well, she combined those teachings, and now inside the community along with other great members who are also teachers we support you with being able to upgrade your wealth codes, even if you are stagnant at 10k months right now… You will UPGRADE!

You will learn to master your energy to collapse time and truly be the CREATOR of your reality, we just built a pre-made system for your wealth to flow through! The vessel! NOW YOU JUST PLUG IT IN AND MASTER YOUR ENERGY!



Ask yourself, is this something you could share already or even use yourself?


Access To Our Very Own Spiritual & Holistic GAIA Business Academy that is constantly being upgraded and updated with a collective of specialists in our community adding value all the time! 

You also get access to a bonus with a HUB full of extra courses and programs designed to support you in further scaling up your online business with over 100 different programs, from 6 and 7 figure earning mentors.
This package is the G1000 with Exitus, to access this it will be a $299 admin fee to pay direct to Exitus ONLY WHEN AND IF YOU WANT THIS BONUS. We cover the cost of the $1000 product purchase. 


But we have a mission we are on to support MORE OF THE MASSES break free and take control of their own economy. To achieve that actual TIME & MONEY freedom, where you have a high income rolling in with still more than enough time to truly enjoy life

There’s no wishful thinking involved here. Our community of Conscious Wealth Creators are putting a proven system into action every day
and reaping the rewards. Receiving payments DIRECT same day!! And I want YOU in our community so you can too.

I was looking for an easier way to find new clients and customers for an online business.

Most definitely. I now know I will always have unlimited clients and customers for any online business. I know I can attract customers to me and no longer have to chase and hustle.

I have the confidence to tackle any online business I choose. I have an abundance of clients and customers, I am earning on a regular basis now and also making income for multiple income streams

Working with Bryanna and The Conscious Wealth Community,  I Always felt at ease, nurtured, guided, valued. Always excited to connect and learn.

Jaqui Philips

I wanted to earn more and set up MSI’s with ongoing learning
110% yes I benefited! Earning more, improving mindset, believing in myself and our power, being around like minded entrepreneurs, support, growth
Gone from not knowing how I would pay my mortgage to closing $8000 in a month for the first time in my life. Ability to believe in myself, raising my vibration, and actually believing more that my future will be awesome

Working with Bryanna and the Community showed me that I can believe in myself, I can do it, showed me my true power. She says it how it is, she says what you need to hear, even if you don’t like it it’s what you probably need to hear!

Leanne Reynolds

NO NEED FOR RUNNING PAID ADS, or do the crazy ass launch thing…

You keep 100% commissions and don’t even need past experience!
You get some ease and ability to have fun in what you do

I resisted coming in because I didn’t feel I had time to add something else into what I’m already doing. It’s been great, I’ve aren’t more than I invested.

I resisted coming into the mastermind because I already had so much on my plate. But the great thing is the events make it easy to share this package & it goes really well with my coaching business. I’ve made my investment back & more within 48hrs of diving in!
Sarah Parkes

I was so unsure about trying yet again with another online business.

I have tried so many things even ones linked to famous people and yet after thousands invested I had hardly even earned £500 back. So it took me a while to actually say yes. 
Wow, when I did I was nearly in tears of joy, never in my life receiving $2000 in one day, paid in my bank straight to me. 
Then now as this is being written, less than two months I have generated $13,988 in sales, plus have multiple sources set up bringing residual income with zero extra work. 
Don’t let fear hold you back like I did, wish I jumped in so much sooner!
Aiysha Hamid

Here’s YOUR Opportunity!


I’m OPENING THE DOOR to our community to a more coaches, consultants, network marketers who want to simplify earning online and maybe add some extra income streams to their current business with less work –

Or those who want to start an online business – maybe that’s YOU!


Join our Conscious Wealth Creator Community today and start getting this:

  • Your own effortless way of combining Conscious Wealth Creator community support, with a proven system and formula for earning online
  • Your community of weekly group support calls, two each week, fast start success support, mindset training, energy alignments, guest trainers and speakers (ALL VALUED OVER 10K)
  • Your own website
  • Your own emails ready to send
  • Your own email sending program (you don’t lift a finger!)
  • Your own payment receiving merchant account
  • Your own unlimited Leads without paying for ads
  • Your own proven client attraction formula, not chasing, BUT ATTRACTING!
  • Your own unlimited Income (if you follow the system with the formula)
  • ACCESS TO OUR VERY OWN SOCIAL SUCCESS FORMULA (more details below on this)
  • A $15000 complete copy flow system, automation and more.
  • An attached bonus wealth system, that build 15 residual based income streams without you ever needing to hunt, work at, even tell anyone you have them. All integrated in our community and we even place others under you to help you earn faster!

    Ready to get started now?

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    Hear From Others Using This First Powerful Community

    Conscious wealth creator review

    Most frequent Questions

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    Do I have to be an expert?

    No you do not need to have had any experience with this type of business before. We show you the simple step by step formula to support you building your business, WITH STRONG FOUNDATIONS. 

    You will also have round the clock support from a community that are GLOBAL. You can ask anything you want inside our Mastermind group and someone will be on to help. 

    How long will it take me to see results?

    That in itself always depends on the person. We have a foolproof step by step plan, backed with support, we believe anyone can have success with this. 

    Some have success in 24 hours, some can take longer. 

    You will see the faster growth when you go all in, taking action (aligned action) and apply what we give you.

    Is there a monthly fee?

    If you pay the $2000 option there is no monthly fee on this option. 

    If you are on the 333 plan then there is for that. 

    To receive a full copy of our replicated and editable funnel system and pages that does require signing up to clickfunnels which has a 14-day trial. This is also one of your Multiple Sources Of Income also so your people would sign up to this and you receive commissions from each one residually. 

    That is $97 after the trial. 

    We do have this generic page for you to use to get started though should you want to wait for that option.

    What if I already have an MSI or online business?

    That is great… 

    This will empower those businesses so you can be even more successful at a faster rate. 

    Also check in, because what we have in our community is a whole system that will bring you residual income. You just won’t need to market any of them with us. 

    Is the MSI you currently have generating you consistent thousands? 
    Would you like to work less than what you do there and receive thousands instead of a few dollars or pounds? 

    You do not have to give up your MSI, this will help that grow but this will support you setting up a strong online business presence, help you attract unlimited leads and customers plus it will give you $1000 payments on the same day paid directly to you however you wish to be paid. 

    Wouldn’t you rather have that coming through? 

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    Who is this for?

    Do you have an online business, brand, or want to have one?

    Do you want a full time income source OR a high powered extra one?

    If that is a YES… This is for you.
    This gives you everything you need to know in setting up and scaling up an online brand and business.

    Inside our community we get you FOCUSED, on one section at a time, however. Have you generating income consistently and then you can scale up your business.

    It is also the perfect community to share with others, as everyone pretty much online needs and wants what we have got.

    We are a service-based community though, we love to EARN big, AND we are super passionate about SERVING BIG.

    We are a community that loves to focus on CREATING, building and AWESOME VIBES. That is the type of people we welcome in our community.

    Online earning in a high vibrational drama free zone!

    How do I earn with this?

    You will be paid 100% commissions with this first layer to our community 

    You are paid directly to you through either bank transfer, PayPal, Stripe. Really however you choose to be paid. 

    There is no waiting a week or a month to receive payments, the money goes directly to you. 

    We are using the Exitus company and the way they make their money is through an annual fee that is paid to them. You pay $150-$299 per person depending what package they come in with. The rest of the money you receive is for the community, and product packs which is where you keep the commissions from that.

    Although when you welcome your first person you receive a second-year free. Which is nothing compared to the thousands you will be receiving.

    Will you be there to help me?


    We have built the structure and system to support fast growth for you and others. So we have group support, also two group video calls per week where you can ask anything. 

    You do not just get one helping, we are all together and connected with this. 

    We believe in CREATION, no competition and we remind ourselves to tap into this truth. ABUNDANCE FOR EVERYONE, so you will have round the clock support inside our community. 

    " I think I will think about it.."

    Listen I get that you may have been burned in the past and there is so much stuff out there right now. 

    I also believe there are no coincidences and when you were drawn to this, it was for a reason. 

    Thinking about it, that comes straight away from the limiting program. 

    We know this is set and has started to help millions of people globally, and yes we keep a bit hush about the full value you will receive when you activate the Money Tree area of our community. 

    Even when worked with Bob Proctor I never told people to get a loan for a course or program. 

    I do say with this, heck yes!!! do whatever it takes (legally and ethically of course) to get into this and then take action because this is the game changer the world has been waiting for. 


    BIG CLAIM RIGHT? I know, you can wait and see or you can claim your birth right and abundance now!

    What will I be selling exactly?

    This is something that can actually be adjusted to suit what you want. 

    If you already have an online business, you can use what is inside here to boost your business and then with your success people will want to know what you are doing and so you share the group mastermind ( our community) and Exitus package with them for you to receive 100% commission. 


    You can simply share this as your main online business in itself. You are sharing our Community, A Group Mastermind that also includes the super-secret way to build 15 sources of income without having to do extra work. 

    This is beyond epic and the first of it’s kind to include that second part. 

    But the first one is fully proven system to generate 1000’s in a day and the full support with all the bonuses in our community is beyond $10,000

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    Will I have to stop my other online businesses?

    Heck no you will not… 

    What you learn in here will be the key to actually BOOST your other businesses!!


    What are the 15 sources of income you talk about?

    This flow and system with the 15 sources of income, has not been seen anywhere else so far. 

    They will be a blend of unique RESIDUAL based sources, you will not need to market those sources, hustle to build those sources or even tell anyone you have those sources. 

    Inside our community you will be able to build them only focused on one. That one, is the one that FIRST generates you thousands. 

    The other sources are things that you would naturally use anyway. (YES secrecy… Because we already have people wanting to copy this!!) They will not cost you extra thousands, no where near any of that. BUT they will support you in generating thousands residual each month IF the formula is applied. 

    The sources and the flow we have are your true map to time and money freedom. 

    The main selling point here is to have you at least build your online business, generate consistent thousands so you always have MORE THAN ENOUGH before you start anything else. 

    It’s time to put the stop to investing so much out on promises and not seeing returns!!! 


    How long do I have access to this?

    To our community and our bonuses, you will have annual access and you will always be able to gift that to people you would love to serve with this community. 

    For the Exitus suite that we use as the first income stream, that is an annual membership although you get a second-year free with your first-person welcomed in. 

    I need to focus on getting clients for my other business

    Well this is even more perfect for you when need to focus to get clients, great!!! What we teach in here is exactly what you need and want to do just that!!!

    But when others ask you how you got successful and what are you using. You will be able to then share this with them and receive thousands direct each time. 

    How many people do you know around you that are also looking for clients?

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